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Conference Tracks


The Annual CACFP Conference tracks are designed to inspire presentations and discussions that are timely, relevant, and push us to grow. 

CACFP Programs

This track will focus on: 

  • Best practices for operating your CACFP program

  • Innovative application of practice

  • Training and education on nutrition and mealtime service

Policy and Advocacy

This track will focus on: 

  • Best practices for implementing state or federal policy

  • Innovative application of policy

  • Advocacy for child nutrition, access to equitable meals and CACFP in general


This track will focused:

  • Leadership practices in CACFP - both in the community and/or within your operations

  • Operations and management within the CACFP, such as serious deficiency processes and procedures, budget best practices, monitoring and more

  • Innovation in working with sites and providers, such as strength-based technical assistance and promoting cultural and language diversity within the Food Program 

  • Annual trainings

CACFP Recovery

This track will focus on:

  • Experiences during the pandemic and how your agency has overcome the difficulties

  • Waivers/modifications that benefitted your program and how maintaining these changes can support a more streamlined and more accessible CACFP

  • Moving forward in a hybrid - remote and in person - situation (hybrid monitoring, hybrid workplace, hybrid management)

  • Recruiting providers and programs to get back on the CACFP

  • Innovation and best practices that support your staff, sites, and the community in our “new normal,” including mental health supports, and more.

Racial and Social Justice

This track will focus on addressing issues and opportunities related to equity, access, diversity, social justice, and anti-racism in CACFP. This intersectional track, which will highlight both academic research and community-based practices, will explore:

CACFP and... 

  • Social, economic, and other poverty-related factors

  • Culturally sensitive and responsive meal service

  • Anti-racism practices and pedagogy

  • Practices for advancing racial and social justice in our workplaces, sites, and communities