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CACFP Leaders

Our mission at the Roundtable is to foster a community of leaders who work together to build equitable access to the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and nutritious meals in care settings. A part of fulfilling our mission is to support and lift up extraordinary leadership in the CACFP.  The Roundtable is excited to highlight individuals who are leaders in our field. CACFP Leaders will be featured on our website, newsletters, and at Roundtable events.

Meet Our
CACFP Leaders

Featured CACFP Emerging Leaders

CACFP Leaders have been nominated by their colleagues for exhibiting unique leadership characteristics and passion for providing access to healthy meals for children in a variety of CACFP settings.  Originally, this was to be a cohort of CACFP Emerging Leaders but after learning about the accomplishments and work these women have been doing in the world of CACFP, the CACFP Roundtable decided to remove the "emerging" in front of leader. These particular CACFP leaders have been serving their community through CACFP for years exhibiting ambition, compassion, perseverance and dedication.  The CACFP Roundtable talked with our first recipients of the CACFP Leader honor and we are proud to present to you:

What is a CACFP Leader?
Why Be A CACFP Emerging Leader?

Why be a CACFP Leader?

Featured CACFP Leaders will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a Roundtable board meeting

  • Work with mentors throughout the CACFP community

  • Participate in a CACFP Emerging Leaders community of practice, where CACFP Emerging Leaders can learn from each other and experts about leadership development in general and especially in the CACFP; and

  • Become a member of the CACFP Roundtable for one year at no cost to them.

How It Works


Any individual that works within the CACFP community. We believe that setting limits on age, how long someone has worked somewhere or their career trajectory, and other eligibility requirements limit equitable access to leadership opportunities.



Nominations are closed for this cohort.  Stay tuned for future opportunities.

After Nomination

Nomination information will be passed on to the CACFP Roundtable Board of Directors for a vote. After the decision is made, nominees will be notified that they have been chosen as a CACFP Leader.


After the CACFP Leader is chosen, they will be contacted by the Roundtable for an informal interview so the Roundtable can feature the CACFP Emerging Leader on our website and in other communications.


They will receive a certificate of acknowledgement congratulating them for being chosen as a CACFP Leader. The Roundtable will provide CACFP Leaders with mentorship opportunities as well as opportunities to lead within the larger CACFP Community.


We are so excited to learn more about our community and the leaders within it.  Nominations are closed at this time.

How It Works
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