Stories of Impact


"This certainly have been trying times. As we strive to remain partnered with our vulnerable population, we look for creative ways to serve them even if they aren't physically in our building."  

Family Child Care Provider

 "... closed because all families are keeping their children home at this time. Therefore, she has lost all of her income."

Family Child Care Provider

"My facility was accepted to operate under the Critical Care Site guidelines. I have participated for many years with the Catholic Charity Adult and Children Food Program. During this pandemic, finding healthy food and the quantity needed has been very difficult."

Family Child Care Provider

"CACFP is a great source for most providers to assist in feeding our children nutritional foods, for some children in home or centers are their only means to receiving nutritional foods..."

CACFP Field Representative

"...when I get ready to start complaining I stop and think of all of the wonderful things that my agency does and how amazing they are, along with all of the wonderful things that we as CACFP do and provide for our providers it makes me all the more grateful. "

Family Child Care Provider

"The difficulties: we also have private payers and they are not bringing their children so it gets hard to make all ends meet."

CACFP Sponsor

"What we have done as an agency is started a drive-through lunch pick-up, where we distribute 1 meal per day plus any additional food that has been donated to us by one of our community partners (food bank, extra, etc.). "

CACFP Sponsor

"The providers have a big concern for the families in need, those whom are under the ratio of poverty.
Some providers have a big heart and still providing assistant with food and care..."

Family Child Care Provider

"I stood at Costco lines usually 2 hours before opening time, cold, in the rain, hoping to find basic foods, cleaning and disinfecting supplies without luck. Unable to find the foods the food program requires, we shifted into survival mode..."

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