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 The pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of and widened the gaps in our child care system, while simultaneously exacerbating food insecurity among households with young children. Child care providers have had to scramble to feed even hungrier kids, all while struggling with increasing food costs, limited supplies, inconsistent enrollment, and inadequate support from the state.

Child care providers take the hit financially for federal rules that don’t take into account California's high cost of living or reflect the true level of poverty in our communities. Each year, providers absorb tens of millions of dollars in costs for meals served to children who don’t qualify for free meals, but who need them all the same. 

Senate Bill 1481 (Becker) Food with Care would establish a free daily meal program for children in child care, while also ensuring adequate and fair pay for child care providers.

CACFP Roundtable and Nourish CA are co-sponsors of SB 1481.


Free Meals for Kids
Fair Pay for Child Care


In their words...

"GLIDE serves the most marginalized communities in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, particularly immigrant families and families of color who have minimal financial resources. Food insecurity is a very real experience for them, and along with that comes anxiety and stress around providing nutritious, culturally meaningful meals for their children. When kids do not have proper nutrition, there is a permanent impact on cognitive, behavioral, and physical development. At GLIDE's Family, Youth and Childcare Center, we provide free breakfast, lunch, and snacks to all children who go through our childcare programs, regardless of income. Having support and resources from the Food with Care bill would eliminate the funding gap we currently experience, allowing us to focus more on the quality and quantity of food we are able to offer and to ensure the children in our community have the nutrition they need to thrive."

-- Lanie Igtanloc, GLIDE Family, Youth and Childcare Center • San Francisco, CA

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