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5 Tips for Attending A Virtual Conference

We all miss going to conferences in person. Seeing colleagues from around the nation and meeting new people. Learning interactively and chatting casually isn't quite the same at a virtual conference, but it is possible! We formatted the conference to keep us engaged with each other. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of the CCFP Roundtable's Annual Virtual Conference.

#1 Learn how to use the virtual conference platform

This event will be hosted using an online platform. It may be different than other platforms you've used. Registered users will get an email the week prior to the conference with all of the information they'll need to log-in and try the platform out. For our platform you need:

  • A Computer (you cannot access the platform on a mobile device)

  • The Internet

  • Chrome Browser. (you cannot access the platform in any other browser.) Download Now.

#2 Block off your calendar

Set your "away from my desk" email response. Pretend you are in a hotel. You have to find the rooms your sessions are in. You run into people you haven't seen in a while. You have coffee dates. You attend sessions. You check your email in between these things, not during. Do the same thing with the virtual conference. Commit to attending the conference and working in between just like you would if we were in person in Long Beach, CA.

#3 Schedule your time based on live and on-demand

There is a combination of live and on-demand content with our conference. There will be a scheduling tool in the platform that you can use to create the schedule you would like for the conference. You can also get started now! Here is our "At-A-Glance." Things to know:

  • We added a day to the conference, November 16th, so you could have the added benefit of viewing the on-demand sessions at your leisure.

  • Everything you see in the "At-A-Glance" is LIVE.

  • Watch the on-demand session prior to attending the live Q&A

  • All live sessions will be recorded and available on-demand 48 hours after the session

  • All on-demand content will be available during the entire conference and for thirty days after the conference

#4 Attend with others

I recently attended a virtual conference with a colleague. Before the conference, we got out our agenda for the sessions and decided who was going to which session. It was really fun. Then we'd text each other about the sessions, almost as if we were together at the hotel. Make a plan and have fun with your friends and colleagues. Also, join our conference Facebook group so we can ALL attend together. Be sure to join the cook along on the 16th!

#5 Breathe, Stretch and Eat

Built in throughout the conference agenda are breaks for stretching, breathing and eating. Since much of this year has been difficult in a variety of ways for everyone, we have a focus on mental health and wellness throughout the conference. This includes short mindfulness videos and a short yoga session, created just for you!

And of course - Enjoy!

If you haven't already registered for the Annual Roundtable CACFP Virtual Conference - now is the time!

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