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Action Alert:Submit a letter to support free meals for kids in child care and fair pay for providers

SB 1481 (Becker) is headed to its first hearing in the Senate Education Committee.

This urgent bill will provide free daily meals to children in child care by enabling all child care providers to receive the highest level of federal reimbursements for the meals they serve. Learn more about how that would work here.

Submit a letter of support for SB 1481: The bill will be heard March 30 in Senate Education Committee. To be counted, letters of support must be received by the Committee prior to the hearing.

Don’t wait, submit, your letter today!

Click here for a sample letter and directions on how to submit it to the Senate Education Committee, due March 25.

What's next?

Stay up to date on SB 1481 as it advances through the Legislature, and receive timely calls to action to make your voice heard in support of free meals for all kids in child care and fair pay for providers. Sign up to receive email updates here.

Engage with Us to get Food with Care Across the finish line! Please check this out!

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