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And the Survey Says...CACFP is Hurting

COVID-19 has severely impacted all parts of the United States economies, infrastructures and safety-nets; the Child and Adult Care Food Program is no different. We've all known this anecdotally but now we have survey data to show it. It doesn't matter what kind of CACFP operator answered the survey, the results were clear - the number of children fed dropped substantially. This means, that not only were less children fed nutritious meals, but the CACFP program operators and the businesses that enable participation on the CACFP for family child care providers - CACFP Sponsors - have lost a substantial amount of income leading to furloughs and in many cases imminent closure. When asked what was needed, financial aid was at the top of the list.

Take a look at the survey results.

Then contact your Senator and tell them, they need to support the HEROES Act, because sponsors need them to, the child care providers need them to and the kids need them to.

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