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Announcing the free Pre-Conference: Managing Personalities and Conflicts

Kick off your Annual CACFP Conference experience with this exceptional four-hour training provided by the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN). CACFP Roundtable and ICN are pleased to offer you a free, optional pre-conference.


Managing Personalities and Conflicts


This four-hour course is designed to help participants identify the many factors that may influence how people interact and respond to conflict. Self-reflection is a critical component of this training that aims to help participants identify characteristics of their own personalities and attitudes, in addition to any existing biases and stereotypes. Finally, participants will engage in identifying non-productive behaviors and in building skills that will help promote successful conflict resolution.


Included in registration! No additional cost to you.


Monday, October 17th

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

How do I register?

When you register for the Annual CACFP Conference, indicate that you would like to attend. If you have already registered for the conference, simply email and we will send you the link to RSVP for the preconference.

Please Note: In year's past CACFP Roundtable has partnered with CDE to offer an in-person mandatory training at our Conference. The CDSS is not offering the mandatory training in-person anymore. For questions about how to fulfill your mandatory training requirements, please contact CDSS.


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