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As Afterschool Programs Innovate through COVID-19 - We Learn They Are Still In Jeopardy

Afterschool in the Time of COVID-19, a survey report from July 2020, published by the Afterschool Alliance shares with us that many program providers have a high level of concern regarding their sustainability through COVID-19.

More than 80% are concerned that their program will not be able to provide services in the fall and 61% are concerned about having to permanently close. As with many others' experiences they are concerned about social distancing guidelines, new protocols, student staff ratios etc.

The survey was conducted between May 28th - June 30th, of 914 program providers representing more than 6,000 program sites.

As we know in the CACFP community afterschool sites have stepped up throughout these challenges. Overall 70% of the respondents were still serving students and of these 54% were serving more than 75% of low-income students by serving or delivering meals or other resources for families.

Sadly, more than 45% of the respondents reported having to lay-off or furlough staff.

Here is the link to the survey Fact Sheet (link)

Here is the blog by the Afterschool Alliance (link)

What is your experience as an Afterschool Program Provider? Please share:

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