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CACFP & License-Exempt (FFN) Child Care Provider Town Hall Recording and Resources

Last week, in partnership with the SEIU Education and Support Fund, the CACFP Roundtable hosted a Town Hall to better understand the needs of license-exempt child care providers (also known as Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) Child Care Providers) in food service and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Thank you to our panelists, the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and all of our attendees for joining us in this important discussion.

We heard from child care panelists which included Dawna, a license-exempt provider caring for her nephew, currently not on the food program, and Miren, a licensed family child care provider on the food program. They both shared how meal service worked in their homes, the values that come with sitting down for a meal with the children in their care and what purchasing food looks like for them. We also heard about the challenges that come with providing meals, generally because it is so costly to purchase and provide food for the children. Dawna, and attendees, shared that they want to participate on the food program and didn't know that they could and expressed the frustration with communication channels and understanding how a provider could be enrolled on the food program.

Carol, with Catalyst - a food program sponsor, spoke about how license-exempt providers can enroll in the food program, requirements and documentation needed as well as benefits of participating in the CACFP.

It was a lively discussion that both shed light on that license-exempt providers do want to participate on the food program but don't think they can and don't know how as well as CACFP Sponsors want to support and enroll the license-exempt child care provider community in the CACFP.

Recording of the town hall is below (fast forward about 5 minutes into the recording, this is when it actually begins).



Conference Registration is open, please join us in October for important discussions and learning opportunities like this one! Register here.

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