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CACFP Takes a Stand Against Hate, Violence, & Racism

The CACFP Roundtable is saddened by and condemns all acts of violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities across the country, including the murders in Georgia this past week.

Just over six months ago, the Roundtable shared a few words about systemic racism, hate, and violence against Black and Brown people in America. Our words aren't revolutionary. You've probably read something like them before.

But we will say it all again, because, like so many others, we we stand resolute in our position against hate, violence, and racism. We call upon national, state, and local leaders – and upon each and every one of us – to listen more earnestly, stand up against hateful acts, seek solutions in partnership with our communities of color, bring an end to systemic racism, and to make reparations for decades of inequity.

Read more about the CACFP Roundtable's commitment to racial justice >> link

Resources for educators and students from ADL >> link

In solidarity, The CACFP Roundtable

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