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California Department of Education (CDE) 2020-2021 CACFP Mandatory Training

California Department of Education

2020–21 Child and Adult Care Food Program Mandatory Training

Important Update! The California Department of Education (CDE) is happy to announce that the 2020–21 Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Mandatory Training, Tools to Assist with Meal Pattern Compliance, will be available on the CDE website this fall. For many years, CACFP Mandatory Training was housed on the Fresno City College California Professional Nutrition Education and Training (Cal-Pro-NET) Center, but since the Cal–Pro-NET Center was permanently closed on June 30, 2020, all online CACFP training has been transitioned to CDE website. 

The CDE will contact CACFP Operators by email in November 2020, to provide instructions on how to access and complete the 2020–21 CACFP Mandatory Training requirement. The due date to complete the training is Monday, March 15, 2021.

For more information about CACFP Mandatory Training requirements, including who in the agency is responsible for completing the requirement and training relevant staff, access the CDE Management Bulletin CACFP-03-2019, Training Requirements in the CACFP.

For questions, please contact the CACFP Meal Patterns Team by email at

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