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CCFP Roundtable Commitment to Racial Justice

About one month ago, our nation began grieving and protesting the murder of George Floyd; a single, grotesque death in a long history of killings rooted in racism. Racialized pain is nothing new to black and brown communities in America. As we embark on this Fourth of July holiday weekend, the CCFP Roundtable is reflecting on how we participate in the fight for racial justice.

As a result of structural racism and inequity in America, it is not surprising that the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) serves a majority of children of color, while leadership in the program is largely white. We understand that we must look inward and assess how CACFP professionals and leaders can do more to dismantle structural racism and support racial justice in our communities.

The CCFP Roundtable recognizes that silence on matters of race allows those in power to not make the urgent changes we need. There is much more our organization can do to advance racial justice and we will do better.

At a minimum, the CCFP Roundtable commits to:

  • Promoting racial diversity on our Board and staff and being transparent in these efforts;

  • Supporting professional development and leadership opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in the CACFP;

  • Creating spaces for safe sharing, listening, and learning on matters of race, discrimination, and social justice; and

  • Advocating systemic change for racial equity in the CACFP and beyond.

With open hearts and open minds, we invite you to share your experiences, tell us how the Roundtable can do more to advance racial justice through the CACFP, and join us in our anti-racist efforts.

In solidarity, The CCFP Roundtable

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