Celebrating Black History Month

Updated: Feb 17

Every year Black History Month comes along and we celebrate black culture and reflect on black history in America. This year, I think, many of us our taking the opportunity to not only acknowledge Black History but think about creating positive change in the disparities that surround the black community and change the systemic racism that our communities have become beholden to. As an organization, the Roundtable has committed to doing our part to "dismantle structural racism and support racial justice in our communities" and as a parent, I have committed to do the same with my family. So, here are a few resources to help us lift up Black History and Black Culture with our children.

  • 28 Days of Black History: "28-day series celebrating Black history in the U.S. Each day we'll be highlight works (art, books, plays, songs, etc) that honor the Black experience – its triumphs, challenges and tribulations. This work has been co-curated by Camille Bethune-Brown and Shanaé Burch, and made financially possible from your contributions"

  • Reading Rockets: Celebrating and Learning About Black History and Culture: "Through children's books, interviews with Black children's authors and illustrators, classroom activities, online history resources, and powerful documentaries, we celebrate and learn about the lives and contributions of African Americans. We encourage educators and librarians to look for opportunities to include these stories throughout the year and across the curriculum."

  • Compiled by Red Tricycle, 28 Black History Month Resources for Kids of All Ages: "Black History Month is in full swing and if you’re looking for resources to help your child learn about Black History you’ll want to bookmark this post. Whether your school Black History curriculum is lacking or you have a kid who just can’t get enough, here is a list of vetted and reliable websites for lessons, activities, reading and videos for Black History Month."

  • Soulful Recipes: Building Healthy Traditions: A cookbook from Champions for Change "Family, faith, food, music, art, and dance bind together, forming the soul of the African American. We must also weave good health into our fabric of life. The Network for a Healthy California—African American Campaign invites you to take steps to learn about your personal health recommendations and enjoy this cookbook."

  • Treating Others Fairly, Create an Inclusive Space, Kids talk about Race and Racism and more resources from PBS Kids

What are you doing to celebrate Black History Month? Share with us in the comments below or email me samantha@ccfproundtable.org.

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