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Changes coming this summer for CACFP family child care providers: tools to help communicate

There were a number of flexibilities that Congress and USDA put in place to help you serve meals through CACFP in a safe manner during the pandemic. There were also some funding increases for the CACFP such as all family child care providers receiving tier I rates for two years and an additional 10 cents per reimbursable meal.

CACFP Roundtable has heard that it would be helpful to have a unified communication go out from Sponsors of Family Child Care Homes to their family child care providers. Copied below is a letter you can copy and paste and also a linked word document here. Here is a more detailed informative flyer if it helps with communications as well.

As we prepare for these "back to normal", "new normal" or your choice of phrase times, please share with the Roundtable how we can support you and your programs. Is it creating space for you to talk to your colleagues? Is it creating communication materials like this? Is it creating materials to help with advocacy? Is it hearing you and lifting up your story? We want to hear from you, contact me:

Thank you for all you've done and continue to do to ensure your communities are safe, fed, and cared for.


Letter content:

Dear Family Child Care Providers,

We are writing this letter to inform you of some changes that are going to happen this summer that will impact your food program. Due to the end of the public health emergency, there are changes that will happen this summer.

What is going to happen?

  • Tiering: Effective July 1, 2023, those family child care providers designated as tier II will resume receiving tier II rates. To see what this looks like, click here.

  • 10 cents: Starting July 1, 2023, there will no longer be an additional 10 cents per reimbursable meal which has been coming for the past year from the federal government as part of pandemic relief funding.

  • Virtual visits: All monitoring visits will be conducted in person starting in July 2023.

If you have questions you can reach out to your CACFP Sponsor.

It has been a difficult few years and your perseverance is remarkable. Thank you for all that you do for the children and families in your communities.



US Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a big proposal to revise school meals and CACFP Meal Patterns. It is just a proposal, and now there is a public comment period. This is our chance to help USDA leaders and staff understand child care, your meals and snacks, and what you need in order to succeed. The comment deadline is May 10, 2023. We partnered with national partners to make it easy for Family child care providers to comment. Learn more.


The CACFP Roundtable is committed to fostering a community of leaders who work together to build equitable access to the Child and Adult Care Food Program and nutritious meals in care settings. Your support goes toward programs and advocacy that help us get closer to ensuring everyone has the right to nutritious meals and making the CACFP an even better Food Program for all.

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