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Child Care Aware of America Releases the Child Care Licensing Benchmark Project

"In this process paper, we describe how Child Care Aware® of America, in partnership with national stakeholders developed a child care licensing database in 2017. We are now excited to announce that we’ve developed a revised set of child care licensing standard benchmarks, a scoring rubric and a shareable state snapshot resource, the 2020 Child Care Licensing Benchmark Project." ~ Child Care Aware of America

Here is the report: (link)

Other bits of information on this webpage are:

"A Note About COVID-19 and the Child Care Licensing System"

"A Note on Equity"

"Understanding the History of Child Care"

"Why Deregulation is Not the Answer"

"Explore State Data from All 50 States"


Did you use the 2017 Licensing Benchmark Database in your work? Are you looking forward to using the information from this project when it has encompassed more states? Share your thoughts below or email us

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