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CN Labels, February menus, and what's new in the food buying guide...

Hope you're February is off to a good start! Here are a few resources recently shared by the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN), SNAP-Ed, and Team Nutrition.

February Mealtime Memo

ICN's February Mealtime Memo is all about CN Labels! The memo goes over:

  • Defines CN Labels

  • Food Eligible for CN Labels

  • Where to find them

It also shares how to use them, keep them on file, what to do if you can't find them and more!

SNAP-Ed Connection News

The news this week was all about prepping food for the big Superbowl game this weekend and thinking about some fun Valentine's Day recipes. They put together a whole menu for you!

These resources are compiled on the USDA SNAP-Ed Connection website.

Team Nutrition Newsletter

The Team Nutrition newsletter shares what is new in the Food Buying Guide, Crediting Tip Sheet series, the updated Discover MyPlate Nutrition Education for Kindergarten and more!

Copied directly from the letter is what Team Nutrition shares about "what's new in the food buying guide."

New food yield data continues to be added to the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (FBG) so users have easy access to even more information to make creating shopping lists and Recipe Analysis Workbooks even easier. Here are just a few of the many diverse new foods that can be found in the FBG:

  • Lychee, fresh

  • Mandarins, canned and fresh

  • Rambutan, fresh

  • Sorghum, pearled and whole

  • A variety of individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit

  • A variety of IQF beans

In addition to the many new foods available in the FBG, users can expect an exciting update to the Exhibit A Grains Tool in March! The Exhibit A Grains Tool, available on both the Web-based Tool and Mobile App, will allow users to select their program to filter search results and show only allowable creditable grain items for the selected program.

Sign up for Team Nutrition updates here.


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