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Compilation of Talking about Scary Things with Children Resources

Ove the course of the year, we've been faced with the need to discuss scary stuff with our children. Whether they're hearing their parents talk about things, listening to the news or learning other things from their friends - tough questions might be on the horizon. Especially since the insurrection last week parents and caregivers may be looking for ways to discuss these things. These resources may be able to help.

  • Interview Webinar: Scary Events and Young Children: Help Children Cope with Violence Around Them (link)

  • 10 Tips for talking to your kids about the attack on the US Capitol (link)

  • How to talk about to talk to your kids about the chaos at the Capitol (link)

  • Talking to Children About Tragedies & Other New Events (link)

  • What to Say to Kids when the News is Scary (link)

  • Explaining the News to Our Kids (link)

  • Why Parents Really Need to Talk to Their Children about the News (link)

Take care of you and yours. Are you sharing resources like this with parents and/or caregivers? Which ones do you find most useful? Comment below or email me

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