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A Message from Our New Executive Director

Hello and Happy Holidays, everyone!

I am thrilled to be the new Executive Director for the Child Care Food Program Roundtable. I began my journey with the Roundtable about 10 years ago, as a policy advocate working to address a gap in CACFP sponsor access. I've spent 10 years serving on the Roundtable's Advisory Committee and I've always understood and believed in the power of the Roundtable.

As members of the Roundtable, we are a group of individuals who care deeply about children's access to healthy meals and that they have the opportunity to grow knowing the joy of a nutritious meal shared with friends and community. We come together to support each other in our daily work and help one another overcome the challenges that arise. We advocate for access to child care, access to healthy food in child care, and for the child care workforce.

We foster dialogue and relationships and, together, we are the CACFP!

In the coming year, I hope to bring some innovations to the Roundtable that increase your access to all the benefits of being a member. Starting with our January member meeting, we will offer online video streaming of our in-person meeting (stay tuned for more info about how to connect). We heard from members that dialogue with USDA and CDE and new trainings are some of the greatest benefits of the Roundtable. We are working hard to bring more of these opportunities directly to you and your colleagues. And just as in years past, we will continue to fight for a state-funded meal reimbursement in California, we will organize our nationally-renowned conference in October 2020, and we will facilitate dialogue and offer technical assistance and training throughout the year at our member meetings.

How else would you like to see the Roundtable grow?

We are particularly interested in understanding how we can tailor and refine our trainings, meetings, and online resources to meet your program's needs. I encourage you to connect with me and share your ideas and thoughts.

I look forward to continuing and growing the work of the CCFP Roundtable in 2020 and beyond.


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