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Costs for Child Care have Increased 47% for Child Care Centers and 70% for Family Child Care

Anecdotally, we've known the costs of providing child care during the pandemic have gone up during the pandemic. We knew that following the Center for Disease and Prevention guidelines creates a child care environment with more staff and less children. We knew that some parents are not taking their children to child care until they feel safe. We also, obviously, know that the cost of ensuring a sanitized and safe environment for staff and families has increased substantially.

The Center for American Progress released a report today sharing with us actual numbers - and they are staggering. The graph below, from the Center of American Progress post "The True Cost of Providing Safe Child Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic" shows us that for family child care providers, costs have increased by 70%. 70%. Centers, broken down by age, average 47% increased costs.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) can be a bright spot for lifting up child care providers in a time of need and helping the providers serve nutritious meals to children in their care. Food insecurity has increased rapidly among families with children since the pandemic began and the CACFP is a needed resource for both the children and the child care providers.

CACFP Sponsors are in danger of letting go of staff and permanently closing their doors as the effects of the pandemic on child care at large directly impacts the CACFP Sponsors programs.

Let's work together to connect the dots. CACFP participation can help struggling child care providers and families - and that participation helps the sponsors.

Sponsors, have you been doing virtual outreach? Providers, do you need help?

Comment below with thoughts, frustrations, experiences and ideas! Or - email me!



Tell your Senators and Congressional Representatives, local, state and federal level - you need support. Don't stop telling them.

Proposed legislation for CACFP:

Legislation for Child Care:

Join us for our September Town Hall and our November Virtual Conference to further discuss moving forward through good policy and loud advocacy.


Resource: The True Cost of Providing Safe Child Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Center for American Progress, Accessed September 3, 2020

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