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Council for a Strong America says policymakers should promote access to child care and afterschool

The Council for a Strong America published the report "Child Care & Afterschool: A Continuum of Care Supporting Two Generations in California" last month. The report emphasizes the need, and lack of access to, quality child care and afterschool programs to support the whole child.

The report sets the stage stating the need: there are about 64% of California's four million children in need of child care and/or afterschool care. This is followed by statistics regarding lack of access, a breakdown of what parents need to pay and how that relates to subsidies, and a breakdown of inadequate compensation for child care and afterschool professionals.

Studies and reports are cited that show children in attendance at quality child care programs are "better prepared for school at age 4," and they are more likely to "develop healthy habits at a young age" (Bishop, Masur, Cullinan, 2022). They also show that "high-quality afterschool programs help keep kids safe and build their academic, social, and emotional skills in a number of critical ways"(Bishop, Masur, Cullinan, 2022).

In addition to the strong recommendations the Council for a Strong America makes for policymakers, CACFP Roundtable, would include fair and adequate reimbursement for meals served in care settings.


Join us at the Annual CACFP Roundtable Conference this October to further discuss opportunities to improve the CACFP and nutritious meals for those in care settings through policy and outreach.


The CACFP Roundtable is committed to fostering a community of leaders who work together to build equitable access to the Child and Adult Care Food Program and nutritious meals in care settings. Your support goes toward programs and advocacy that help us get closer to ensuring everyone has the right to nutritious meals and making the CACFP an even better Food Program for all.

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