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Culturally Inclusive Teaching in the Garden, a webinar series by KidsGardening

Kids Gardening has been hosting a series of webinars focused on culturally inclusive teaching in the garden. This month (tomorrow!) it is "Fostering Hispanic, LatinX, and Spanish Origin Culture in Youth Gardens."

Previous webinars focused on African American and Black Culture, Native American, Hawaiian, and Alaska Native cultures and the very first one was Principles of Culturally-Responsive Garden Education.

You can find more about it here.


About the Webinar Series (copied directly from the website)

By their nature, gardens embody diversity. Garden education is increasingly recognized as an interdisciplinary approach that integrates academic goals, health and wellness, place-based education, and community connections and relationships. However, discussion of culture is often missing in garden-based education. To validate and celebrate the interests and experiences of our students, we will delve deep into the significance of culture as it relates to food and gardens and also as it relates to the diverse populations with whom we work. Join us as we explore ways to celebrate and center culture through garden-based learning.

This series is made possible by a sponsorship from the Clif Family Foundation and contributions from folks like you.


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