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Family Child Care Provider - East Palo Alto, CA

"Hello Everyone. I pray that all is well even while going through these tough times. I just wanted to give an update on how things are going for Deidras Daycare. Well first of all, I must say I'm well, and happily serving as an Essential Working Facility and all are doing well. Sometimes I have a little anxiety about all that is going on but I /we get thru it, by the end of the day I somehow feel that accomplished feeling. Have spent so much of our emergency funds during the first sign of this pandemic , has got me trying to catch up! But we need help! with supplies, food. We are so grateful for all that has been allotted us by the Mayor. The difficulties: we also have private payers and they are not bringing their children so it gets hard to make all ends meet. But I understand ! We will get thru This TOGETHER."~ Deidra

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