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Family Child Care Provider - Sacramento, CA

"As, a in home childcare provider COVID19 has been a very stressful time not just for myself but many. I have remained open with the struggle of how to be creative in maintaining my health since I am high risk and being of service to my clients and community. As, a professional provider, we are in need of assistance financially from the State & Government. Many have had to close there doors for one reason or another, due to loss of children or health, which childcare is our/their sole income. The concern will be for the long term how many businesses will not return if assistance is not given. CACFP is a great source for most providers to assist in feeding our children nutritional foods, for some children in home or centers are their only means to receiving nutritional foods, without theses programs helping this could be a challenge for many to continue to provide with the rising cost of food. We work very hard to serve, we do so in love and concern for our children, all we ask is to be noticed and helped."~ Family Child Care Provider

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