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Family Child Care Provider - Whittier, CA

"Covid-19 caught us by surprise. Closing down was never an option. We put our coronavirus fears aside and decided to help all our families as much as we could. That’s what caregivers do! Our home daycare had to act quickly to aquire the supplies and food necessary to be safe, and healthy. To our surprise, most supplies and foods were already sold out from smart and final, Stater Bros, Target, and Costco. Shelves were empty. I stood at Costco lines usually 2 hours before opening time, cold, in the rain, hoping to find basic foods, cleaning and disinfecting supplies without luck. Unable to find the foods the food program requires, we shifted into survival mode and bought whatever milk and foods I can get my hands on. Settling for 2% and sometimes whole milk. We were able to make extra lunches for all enrolled children to take home. Parents are so grateful and Kids have shared that whatever food we sent home Is what they had for dinner. We will never be caught unprepared again. We will stock up on basic Necessities. Thank you Options for learning food program for understanding the situation and relaxing your rules and helping all the children enrolled to get healthy and nutritious meals." ~ Laura

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