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Food with Care (SB 1481) held in appropriations

SB 1481 (Becker): Food with Care failed to pass out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Nourish California and the CACFP Roundtable, the bill’s cosponsors, are disappointed the bill will not be moving forward. However, we remain committed to pursuing policies that will support free meals for kids in child care, and fair pay for providers.

We would like to thank Senator Becker for his strong leadership on SB 1481, and for his ongoing commitment to improving nutrition for our youngest learners. We also thank the many individuals and organizations that supported the bill and budget request throughout the legislative session.

We appreciate your time, efforts and advocacy. Together, we can make transformative changes in our child nutrition programs to ensure no child goes hungry in California. Thank you.

What's Next?

We will take the next few months to assess the policy landscape, listen to CACFP participants and providers about their experiences, and continue to build our strong and diverse coalition. We urge you to stay tuned and sign up to receive updates about the campaign to help feed our youngest learners.


The CACFP Roundtable is committed to fostering a community of leaders who work together to build equitable access to the Child and Adult Care Food Program and nutritious meals in care settings. Your support goes toward programs and advocacy that help us get closer to ensuring everyone has the right to nutritious meals and making the CACFP an even better Food Program for all.

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