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For-profit early educators could be eligible for loan forgiveness, DoE has a call for comment

The Department of Education (at the federal level) has released a call for public comment regarding the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PLSF), among other federal student aid programs. The regulations that have been proposed expand eligibility of the loan forgiveness under this program to early childhood educators in for-profit settings, this includes family child care providers. The comment period closes on August 12th.

Currently, only those who work in not-for-profit settings are eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program - help the Department of Education help early childhood educators that work in for-profit settings and comment!

It is important that the Department of Education hears about the importance of the inclusivity in the field. Home Grown has created a letter that organizations and individuals can use to draft their own response to the call for public comment.

How do I comment?

To provide a comment just click here, and then click the green box "submit a formal comment" in the upper right corner. You can add your comment in the text box provided or upload a separate file. The government is required to analyze and read every single comment provided. They want to hear from you.


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