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From Self-care to Policy to Coaching to Family Engagement during COVID-19- Resources for You

The Office of Head Start has been busy pulling together resources for the Head Start community which run the gamut of topical areas. We pulled together a few of them for you.

Resources for Self Care and Management During COVID-19 (link)

  • 14 New Resources in Spanish (link)

  • Resources for Supporting and Engaging with Children, Families and Staff During COVID-19 (link)

  • Coaching Corner Series: Virtual Coaching Considerations (link) - Webinar on December 16

  • The Great Outdoors, Blog post and additional resources to incorporate structured and unstructured play in the child's day - especially during limited movement and scheduled time due to the pandemic (link)

  • New Director Mentor Initiative, Live Virtual Event, Apply by January 6 (link)

  • Learning for New Leaders: Head Start A to Z, 2.0 (link)

  • EPA Releases New Curriculum to Protect Children in Indian Country and Communities from Lead Exposure (link)

The resources on the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center are directed toward the needs of Head Start and Early Head Start administrators and practitioners, but a lot of the information on this site can help anyone working with children or families - or those of us supporting them! (link)


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