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HEROES Act and CACFP - Gain a Better Understanding of the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

We've been asking you support the HEREOS Act because there are emergency relief funds specifically for CACFP. Geri Henchy from the Food Research and Action Center provides a 10 minute overview of stimulus bills and specifically the HEREOS Act and the CACFP language in it.

To view Geri's entire presentation, the entire COVID-19 and CACFP Townhall #2, or view our panelists slides, click here.

To be clear: The emergency funding spoken of in this webinar is a provision in the House bill - the HEROES Act. That means we need to get the emergency funding in the Senate bill too. If we can get the emergency funding in the Senate bill and Congress passes the bill then it will be funding you will actually have access to.


Take Action: Tell Your Senators that You Support the HEROES Act.

You can use this easy two step process to submit your name on a template letter or you can personalize a message based on this template and email it directly to your Senator.


The Roundtable is working hard to make sure that decision-makers in Washington DC and at the state level know about your concerns and on-the-ground challenges, in addition to understanding the importance of CACFP and the solutions we all think will help.

Tell us how you are doing. The Roundtable is here for you and we want to make sure we know what's happening in the community. Share how the coronavirus has impacted you, your business, and food access. Take this survey. Or share your Impact Story.

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