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How Do Child Care Facilities Reopen? Or Do They? Webinars and Resources

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) covers so many different groups of people being fed nutritious meals. Those in emergency shelters, adult care day programs, at-risk/afterschool programs and even some school districts. There are many parts of CACFP that are intrinsically connected to child care and all parts of the child care program. CACFP supports the providers not only in feeding nutritious meals but by being a trusted resource for a variety of information related to the child care program.

As states reopen and child care programs look to do the same there are many unknowns. Some of those unknowns are related to appropriate food service, social distancing, doing the right thing when children enter the program and so on and so forth. Other unknowns are whether or not child care programs can reopen at all. So, we want to share some webinars and resources that can help providers navigate some of these unknowns and give advocates the needed information to protect children's access to quality care and nutritious meals in that care.

Child Care Reopening Webinars

Child Care Reopening Resources

Child Care is Essential - Advocacy Information and Tools

News Articles

Should the Child Care Industry Get a Bailout? New York Times

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