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Make a Call Today for CACFP & Child Care

California's Legislature has finalized their budget, which includes historic investments in child care access and rates; COVID relief funding for meal service; and a reinstatement of state meal reimbursement for CACFP. The Legislature put forth an inspired budget, but word around town is that the Governor is not sold. He needs to hear from you that child care and CACFP matter!

What's on the Table?

The Legislature agreed to the following:

  • $33 million in one-time "COVID relief" funding to support meal service costs incurred during the pandemic

  • Ongoing reimbursement of $0.24 for each free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch served in child care through CACFP

  • Adding 200,000 slots for working families toward universal access for ages 0 to 3

  • Establishing childcare worker apprenticeship/training program.

  • Reducing cost to working families by reducing/eliminating family fees.

  • Increasing rates to achieve livable wage for childcare workers.

  • Stabilizing and retaining providers as the state emerges from the pandemic

Now, negotiations turn to the Governor as the Assembly and Senate work to reach final agreement with Newsom before a June 15th deadline.

Please call the Governor's office at (916) 445-2841 between 9AM and 5PM. You can say,

"I support the Legislature's child care proposal, including one-time COVID relief funds to cover increased costs of meal service during the pandemic, ongoing funding to support the cost of serving meals in child care, and better pay rates for child care providers."

It's that easy!


The CACFP Roundtable is committed to fostering a community of leaders who work together to build equitable access to the Child and Adult Care Food Program and nutritious meals in care settings. Your support goes toward programs and advocacy that help us get closer to ensuring everyone has the right to nutritious meals and making the CACFP an even better Food Program for all.


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