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Mealtime Memos - CACFP Resources - Did you know ICN is still creating brand new ones?!

The Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) has been around for quite a while supporting the child nutrition field with help lines, free in-person trainings focused on CACFP, videos to help teach portion control and so much more. One of my favorite things that ICN has been creating is the Mealtime Memo - and it's still here! Click here and scroll down to "Newsletters" and you'll find the Mealtime Memos since 2018.

December 2020 Mealtime Memo focuses on "Culturally Inspired Holiday Meals." The Festival of Lights, Christmas Around the World, Kwanza and Celebrations from Asia, you'll find a recipe for each delight - and sometimes a craft too!


Do you use the Mealtime Memo? Let us know what you think in the comments below or send us an email!

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