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Members: Nutrition Edition is Here and Member Meeting Next Week!

Have you downloaded the Nutrition Edition for September yet? Inside the September Nutrition Edition, Issue 120 you'll find:

7 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Together as a Family Farmer Fran's Fun Facts: Crookneck Squash Preventing Concussions Recipes: Crookneck Squash Roasted in Lemon and Olive Oil and Honey Garlic Chicken Physical Activity Around the World: Strega Comanda Colore Food Funny: Q. What do you call a bagel that can fly? Download it here!


Next week, September 16th, join us for our members only meeting (over zoom). Talk with your CACFP peers, get updates from CDSS and ask questions. Register here!


Have you registered for the 30th Annual Virtual CACFP Conference yet? CACFP Roundtable Members get a substantial discount, especially if you register prior to October 8th! Don't let the 8th sneak up on you and register now and enjoy this conference package.

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