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NEW USDA Q&A: Race and Ethnicity Determination in CACFP and SFSP

"This memorandum provides clarification on questions related to the collection of race or ethnicity data now that visual identification of race and ethnicity is no longer an allowable practice in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)" (USDA Memo Code 09-2022, SFSP 05-2022).

CACFP09-2022_SFSP05-2022_Visual ID Questions and Answers Set 1.0_s
Download PDF • 436KB

Information includes:

  1. Purpose of the original requirement

  2. How does the policy recission impact the collection of the data?

  3. Programs impacted

  4. When recission was effective

  5. Grace period

  6. Parameters set by FNS

  7. Verbal collection

  8. Frequency of collection

  9. Inability to collect data

  10. Use of school databases

  11. Other aggregate data

  12. School enrollment data

  13. Data collection methods


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