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Nutrition education resources: healthy snack ideas, standardizing recipes, & family style meal service

Healthy Snack Ideas! The June 2024 Mealtime Memo focuses on ways to prepare and serve healthy snacks to children. Think about variety, nutrition, and appeal - even themes! There are recipes, an example of a menu for a week, and links to resources.

Step-by-Step Guide to Standardizing Recipes for CACFP. Curious about what it means to standardize recipes or how to do it?! This guide from the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) provides definitions, templates for standardization, conversion charts, and more! Take a look at the guide to see if it can help you and program.

Family Style Meal Service with Children in the CACFP, new and updated resources from USDA FNS Team Nutrition. As you all know, family-style meal service is a best practice in CACFP and a requirement in Head Start programs. The guide addresses preparing for this type of meal service, requirements such as calculating the right amount of food, and supporting children at mealtime.

There are also training slides, posters, and social media graphics. Find the resources here.


Registration opens on July 1! Until then, get information here and plan to join us at Universal Studios for some fun and CACFP learning. Learn more about our Family Child Care Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Summit.

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