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Paycheck Protection Program Extended - Again!

The Paycheck Protection Program, also known as PPP, was a part of the original Coronavirus aid package commonly known as the CARES Act. This loan is meant to help small businesses keep people on the payroll. Since March there have been changes to requirements, flexibilities and access to the loan. It's possible for the loan to be forgiven and turn into a grant. If you have already applied but were denied - try again. If you haven't applied because you didn't think you were eligible - try again. You have until August 8, 2020!

Homegrown has put together easy to use resources to help providers and caregivers navigate this process as well as a guide for those providing coaching or technical assistance.

Here's some information from the Small Business Administration (SBA) about the PPP loans.

This blog also explains the history of the program and eligibility for it (we do not endorse this company).

Have you applied? Is it helping? Tell us your story or just email me!

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