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Provide public comment confidently! Recording and Resources: Serious Deficiency, what you need to know to comment

CACFP Roundtable hosted a meeting to share with the community why it's so important to

take advantage of public comment on proposed rules, the impact your voice has on this proposed rule, 5 major items, CACFP Roundtable's perspective, and how to comment.

Deadline to comment is May 21, 2024. USDA needs to hear from your perspective of your thoughts on the serious deficiency process as it stands and what they are proposing. We need to show up in force to make change. It's your chance to educate USDA about a Serious Deficiency process and a CACFP that makes operators want to stay on the program.

Here is a recording that provides you with an overview of some main items you might want to comment on and this grid has a breakdown of the proposed rule sections, CACFP Roundtable's thoughts about why we do or do not support it, and possible recommendations you could use.


To help you talk about it:

To help you with your comment:

  • National Sign-On Letter for Child Care, this will help you see a good overview of what to comment on and use for comment

  • The Grid, breaks down elements of the proposed rule, with Roundtable thoughts and recommendations to use if you'd like

  • CACFP Roundtable letter coming soon, but the grid gives you a very good idea of the direction we're going.

How to comment:

  • Click here and leave your comment in the box or upload a file. You can submit as an organization, an individual, or anonymously.

  • National CACFP Sponsors Association has a form letter and platform you can use. Be sure to customize the letter if you choose to use this.

Background resources:


Make sure you plan for the Annual CACFP Conference! Don't miss out on connecting with colleagues from across the state and the nation this October - learn more here.

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