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Provider Appreciation Week - Thank you, Child Care Providers. Thank you.

This has to be one of the best provider appreciation weeks ever. Typically, every year at this time, I feel the need to write a piece that not only makes child care providers feel seen but also make clear the impact of your existence - your hard work - in the fabric of our society.

This year: after your brave and compassionate efforts during the pandemic. After parents, companies, and governments discovered that life without child care was untenable. After this fragile system was on the brink of collapse. After the media began covering it every single day. After, Congress and the Biden Administration listened to you and the advocates and approved billions of dollars in relief funding. And after Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to you and about you - sharing your worth and your hardships with the country.

This year, the entire nation knows how essential you are.

As we all work to ensure that this momentum to fix this broken system doesn't fade we take a moment to thank you. Thank you, child care providers, for all that you do for the children in your care and the support you provide to your communities.


The CACFP Roundtable would like to thank you for all of your efforts by giving you the gift of our Nutrition Edition for free this month! If you're a CACFP Sponsor or work with child care providers in another capacity, please download and share this wonderful resource typically only for members.

May Nutrition Edition
Download PDF • 342KB

Inside the May Edition, NE 116:

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