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Racial Justice and Equity Education and Conversations and Resources

Since the summer of 2020, when the nation's eyes were open to the plight of being Black in America, the cruel reality of systemic racism and the inequities of being black or brown; organizations have been hosting discussions and providing learning opportunities around these topics in early childhood education. We've compiled a few here:

  • Webinar Series: Racial Justice, Equity and the Role of Child Care - Child Care Aware of America (link)

  • Tracing the Roots of Systemic Racism in the US Early Childhood System (link)

  • Addressing Racism and Injustice with Young Children: Resources for Early Childhood Educators - National Head Start Association (link)

  • An Anti-Racist Approach to Supporting Child Care Through COVID-19 and Beyond - CLASP (link)

  • Racism in America's Child Care Industry(Episode 9) - Hunt Institute and NHSA (link)

  • 5 Top Takeaways from the Conversation: Racism in the Child Care Industry - Early Learning Nation (link)

  • Equity Resources: Living the Statement - NAEYC (link)

  • Incorporating a Race Equity Lens into your Child Nutrition Programs (link) (free for Roundtable members on RT-TV)

What other resources, discussions and materials do you want to share around racial equity? Put the link in the comments or send my way

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