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Recommendations to States re: CACFP Emergency Operational Costs

In December, CACFP emergency funding was passed in the latest stimulus package. In January, USDA released guidelines for how the emergency operational cost reimbursement program is going to work. Now, it is in the states hands to apply, follow a timeline, and tell USDA how they plan to disburse the funds.

The CCFP Roundtable and National CACFP Forum have worked together to provide

recommendations to the State(s) "to develop a disbursement plan that is easy to navigate and without undue burden on CACFP sponsors and sites." At the highest level, the recommendations include:

  • To the fullest extent possible, expedite the disbursements to sponsors.

  • Take reasonable steps to simplify the reimbursement calculations.

  • Ensure documentation does not go beyond normal and usual expectations.

  • Share a portion of the administrative funds with sponsors to support the timely disbursement to sites.

Read the full letter and details of the recommendations here. The Roundtable has provided this letter to the California Department of Education and USDA Western Region Office. The Roundtable and the Forum are also sharing with the CACFP community hoping this will be a resource the CACFP community can use to start your own conversations with your states.


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