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Roundtable to USDA: CACFP Needs Emergency Funding

Earlier this month, the Roundtable and the National CACFP Forum sent a joint letter to the Undersecretary of USDA to address two important matters of CACFP: (1) ensuring CACFP-operated sites receive full reimbursement for school-age children in their care during the pandemic, and (2) expanding funding for emergency costs for child care providers and sponsoring organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On behalf of our Roundtable members and partners, we are advocating that the CACFP is vital to addressing both the food insecurity that children and adults are experiencing today and the crises that are facing our child care infrastructure and economy. We shared with USDA what you've been telling us for months: as the national health crisis continues, CACFP institutions struggles are being exacerbated and may no longer be in operation by the end of the year without addressing these two concerns.

The Roundtable continues to advocate for ongoing support and flexibilities for the CACFP so that you can continue to do the important work back at home, making sure children and adults are fed and well nourished.

Questions or interest in being more active in this advocacy? Contact Elyse:

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