Securing and using consultants to best fit your needs

It can be difficult to find that perfect consultant that does the job you need them to, understands your purpose and organization and fits in with the team - just enough. And then once you secure that consultant, it can be difficult to keep that relationship strong. The Office of Head Start has recognized this difficulty for grantees and created an interactive guide to help with the entire consultant process.

While focused on the Head Start community, the guide is useful for any organization that works with consultants. You can click through the module or download the PDF. The guide takes you through 4 main activities:

  • Setting the Context

  • Trying a Fresh Approach

  • Choosing the Right Person

  • Creating Strong Contracts

Take a look at this and other great resources on the ECLKC website!

Do you have any challenges working with consultants? Or Share any best practices you use! Comment below or email!

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