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September Webinar Training by ICN with the Roundtable: Foundations for Training Excellence

Professional development is a big part of a successful CACFP program! Many times, you are the one who has to provide that training. CACFP Roundtable has heard that it would be helpful to have some training to do this successfully. The Institute of Child Nutrition

(ICN) will be providing a two-part training on

Zoom in September called Foundations of Training Excellence. It is a 4-hour training broken into two 2-hour segments, one on September 7th at 10:00 pacific and the second on September 21st at 10:00 a.m. pacific.

By the end of both trainings you will know how to:

  • create a topic-focused icebreaker,

  • identify skills of successful trainers,

  • describe ways to apply adult learning principles,

  • identify the importance of recognizing audience sensitivity in a training,

  • identify different learning styles and delivery techniques for adult learners,

  • recognize effective facilitation techniques, and

  • identify the characteristics of effective visual aids.

If you attend both 2-hour trainings, you will receive a certificate from ICN.

This training is a fabulous precursor to the more advanced pre-conference training by ICN called Training Culturally Diverse Groups which will be in person at the Annual CACFP Conference in October.

We hope to see you on Zoom on the 7th and 21st and in person at the conference!

Questions? email me -


Register now to join us at the 32nd Annual CACFP Conference. We're excited to see you in Long Beach in October!

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