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Share Your Story: Impact of the Child Nutrition Nationwide Waivers

Remember all of the waivers for CACFP over the last (almost) two years? Of course you do! The Food Research and Action Center is asking you to share your story to help request that the waivers are extended. See below for the request and context from FRAC.

"FRAC is working with national, state, and local partners to ensure that Congress gives USDA the continued authority to issue and extend important nationwide child nutrition waivers past June 30, 2022. These waivers have been critical to addressing access and operational challenges created by the pandemic, allowing school nutrition programs, local government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to adapt as necessary to changes such as school closures and virtual learning.

We want to hear from you! Please share what these waivers have meant for your meal service operations during the pandemic and why continued flexibilities will be necessary as communities recover from the pandemic using the form linked below. It can be a sentence—it can be a paragraph—we just want to hear from you!

Together, we can make sure lawmakers know the importance of these nationwide waivers and ensure USDA has the authority needed to respond to the pandemic as well its aftermath.

Learn more and share your story here."


The CACFP community and the CACFP Roundtable work together to provide support to those who need it. Without your participation and engagement the CACFP Roundtable cannot continue to help you advocate for policy improvements, relevant resources and information. Thank you for the time and support you have already given us. If you're looking for other ways to "give" throughout December, you could consider one of these ideas!

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