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SNAP = Categorical Eligibility for Head Start

"This IM adds SNAP to public assistance to determine recipients as categorically eligible for Head Start programs. Recently, we have found that SNAP households with young children have equivalent level of need to families currently receiving Head Start services" (OHS, Information Memorandum, ACF-IM-HS-22-03).

In April, the Office of Head Start sent out an Information Memorandum explaining why SNAP has been added to the definition of a public benefit in order to be eligible for the program by category in place of families having to fill out additional paperwork to determine whether they may qualify for Head Start services. View the entire memorandum here.

This is good news for Head Start programs and the families they do and can potentially serve! It's also good news for CACFP as it is a fact we can point to as we continue to advocate for categorical eligibility for current and future participants of the CACFP.

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