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Spread the Word! CACFP Meals for Young People Experiencing Homelessness

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) normally provide meals and snacks to young people 18 or under in emergency shelters and at-risk centers. The American Rescue Plan Act now allows emergency shelters and at-risk centers that are operated by emergency shelters to claim CACFP reimbursement for meals and snacks served to young people under age 25. USDA issued implementation guidance and a set of questions and answers, both of which can be found on our website at USDA Policy Guidance: CACFP 08-2021, CACFP 12-2021.

The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) cohosted a webinar with Schoolhouse Connection, Feeding America, and USDA to share policy information and outreach strategies for emergency shelters to participate in CACFP. You can find a recording of the webinar, New USDA Resources for Shelters Feeding Youth and Families Experiencing Homelessness - YouTube, to learn more. FRAC has also put together a toolkit, CACFP in Shelters Serving Children and Youth Under 25 Experiencing Homelessness, with communication information to help connect State agencies and sponsoring organizations with child, youth, maternal, and family shelters that are potentially eligible for CACFP. Please check out all of these resources and spread the word!



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The CACFP Roundtable is committed to fostering a community of leaders who work together to build equitable access to the Child and Adult Care Food Program and nutritious meals in care settings. Your support goes toward programs and advocacy that help us get closer to ensuring everyone has the right to nutritious meals and making the CACFP an even better Food Program for all.

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