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State Exam for Child Nutrition Jobs Now Open

Repost from CDSS CACFP Branch.

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Dear CACFP Operators and Partners:

The Family Engagement and Empowerment Division of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is excited to announce that the California Department of Education (CDE) has opened state hiring examinations for the following classifications:

Under direction, incumbents perform the more complex, difficult, and sensitive tasks in providing information, leadership, and consultant services to sponsors of child nutrition programs in such areas as nutritional needs of children; evaluating methods of food service; conducting administrative reviews of sponsors to determine compliance with applicable laws and rules; assisting sponsors in planning, developing, and implementing coordinated food service with nutrition education programs; and planning, organizing, and conducting training conferences. Consultants may also provide leadership and training to incumbents in the Child Nutrition Assistant or comparable class.

This is the first supervisory level in this series over professionals at the consultant and assistant levels. Under direction, incumbents direct a staff engaged in providing State level child nutrition services. Typical tasks include coordinating the various services provided; representing the department at meetings and conferences; interpreting regulations, policies, procedures, and standards to staff and sponsors; developing, planning, and directing evaluations and consultation services; and advising staff and sponsors on the most difficult and complex child nutrition program components.

This is the second supervisory level in this series over professionals at the first supervisory level or consultant and assistant levels. Under general direction, incumbents plan, organize, and direct a large group of technical child nutrition and/or analytical staff, typically through subordinate supervisors at the Child Nutrition Supervisor I level.

In California state service, applicants must first demonstrate their eligibility for position classifications by passing an examination and being placed on an eligibility list. If you are interested in applying for future vacancies in any of the above three classifications, we encourage you to review the examination process at each of the above links and complete any of the three examinations as appropriate to your interest. Please note: the next examination cut-off date for these nutrition classifications is January 31, 2023.

While these examinations are administered by the CDE, any individuals placed on the eligibility list from these examinations will be eligible to apply for CNC, CNS I, and CNS II vacancies with the Child and Adult Care Food Program Branch at the CDSS.

For more general information about the California state hiring process, please visit the CalCareers Get a State Job web page. To review current vacancies at the CDSS, please visit our Careers web page.

Please share this information with your networks and encourage interested individuals to review the state examination process.

Thank you.

Family Engagement and Empowerment Division California Department of Social Services



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