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Support for Equitable State Meal Reimbursement for Family Child Care Home Providers in CA

Cross-post from Nourish CA 4/13/23

We need your help to stop the racist state policy that discriminates against family child care home providers.

California’s child care system has a legacy of undervaluing and underpaying labor historically performed by Black, Latina, and immigrant women of color. This inequity is continued with our state currently failing to provide full reimbursement to family child care home providers who are only reimbursed for 75% of the meals served to kids in their care. This state reimbursement gap means family childcare home providers receive no state funding for one out of every four meals they serve.

Join us here by signing on to our letter, requesting the investment in family child care to close the inequitable meal reimbursement gap. The deadline is end of business, April 18th.

Read our full budget letter here.

If you have questions, email Jared at or Sam at

Please note that this sign-on letter is for organizational signers only. Individuals can show support by filling signing onto this petition!


It's time to submit your proposal to speak at the 32nd Annual CACFP Conference in Long Beach! Learn more here.


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