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Upcoming CACFP Web Events You Don't Want to Miss

January 8, 2021: Supporting Teens, Schooled-Aged Children and Young Children (0-5) with Meals and Enrichment During COVID-19 - Food Research and Action Center (Link)

January 13, 2021: Providing Meal and Nutrition Services During COVID-19 - Office of Head Start, USDA and the National Center on Healthy, Behavioral Health and Safety (Link)

January 14, 2021: USDA is holding a listening session to better understand how to support the adult clients and administrators of the CACFP (Link)

January 21, 2021: CACFP Roundtable Town Hall (Link)

January 21, 2021: CCFP Roundtable Members Only Meeting (Link)

Don't forget about USDA Team Nutrition's recorded resources for CACFP, especially as we continue to ramp up for Grains Ounce Equivalent requirements. (Link)

The new Dietary Guidelines were released for 2020 through 2025 (Recording of Launch)

Happy New Year and we hope to see you around these different virtual events!

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