USDA Releases Off-site Monitoring Best Practices Fact Sheets

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Today, at the USDA Town Hall Listening Session at the CCFP Roundtable 29th Annual CACFP Conference, USDA announced that the Best Practices for Off-site Monitoring have been sent out via Partnerweb on Monday. The CCFP Roundtable has them here for you now!

CACFP Specific

Offsite Monitoring Fact Sheets for CACFP Sponsors

Offsite Monitoring Fact Sheets for CACFP - States

For Other Child Nutrition Programs

Offsite Monitoring Best Practices: Fact Sheets

Offsite Monitoring for School - SFAs

Offsite Monitoring for States Administrative Reviews, Questions Addendum

Offsite Monitoring for Schools-States

Offsite Monitoring for SFSP Sponsors

Offsite Monitoring for SFSP States

More USDA resources were shared with us today so look for those, but we wanted to get these out to you right away!

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